In our new shop we stock one of the biggest range of brands of guns, clothing and accessories in Hampshire. We endeavour to find and stock the best brands in the shooting world that are both affordable and high quality.

Our staff know our products inside and out, and will be able to find the perfect hardware for you at the right price. We can also buy your old guns or take them as part exchange against a new one.

Shotguns - Specialising in over and unders we stock a range of new and second hand guns from around the world. We have something for everyone, from modern Italian automatics to beautiful British side-by-sides. Our knowledgeable staff are always willing to help you to select the gun that best suits and fits you and your budget. Call for a custom fitting and consultation with our shotgun specialist or just pop in anytime.

Air Rifles - Dominating a large portion of our shop is our great range of selected air rifles. We only stock guns that lead their respective price brackets or disciplines. We also stock a limited number of second hand rifles sold as grab and go kits.

Rifles - We stock a few select rifle brands that we believe are the world leaders in their price range. We have a high turn over of second hand and vintage rifles so pop in soon to see what's                                                                                     in stock this week.

Clothing - Do you believe that outdoor clothing should be both durable and affordable? You're in luck! We agree whole heartedly. Whether your looking for tweed for driven pheasant or something for keeping out the rain
and cold, we will have something both in your size
and in your budget.


Knives - UK legal knives, bushcraft and hunting knives are our speciality. We only stock knives that we know work, and work well. We are always looking for the best when it comes to knives, and do extensive testing on new products before stocking them, so that we can be sure that we are selling you the best thing for the job. Pop in and have a browse soon or check out our Youtube channel for more info on what we stock.

Ammunition - We have the best prices around on cartridges for clays or birds from Hull Cartridge and Gamebore in .410, 20, 28, and 12 bore.

We also have a wide range of complete bullets for almost every calibre rifle from a variety of manufacturers, including Sako, Hornady, Winchester, and Federal.

 We also stock air rifle pellets in 22, 177, 20 and 25.

Accessories - Looking for optics, bipods, cleaning gear, walking sticks, hipflasks, targets, and hundreds of other shooting accessories? We either have it, or can get it! 
Fantastic present ideas for the shooting enthusiast in your life.