Too excited to wait to use your new airgun? Need advice on zeroing? Or not sure which model you should go for?

We are fortunate to be located only 50 meters away from Botley Shooting Range! The Range is also on the Botley Mill site - simply pop through the tunnel and look for the big metal building on the right.

With 12 lanes in total, The Range can accommodate 11 air rifle shooters and 1 air pistol shooter per hour. Each lane can be rented individually, or the entire facility (including an area for food and drink) can be rented out for parties. It’s not necessary to own your own gun - both rifles and pistols are available for hire.  

There are membership deals, a dedicated pistol range, zeroing facilities, and various courses available.

Although we are closely linked with Botley Shooting Range, we regret that we cannot take bookings for them. For any queries about bookings and availability, or for any more information:
Call: 01489 788153





M      Closed  
T      1600 - 2100
W     1600 - 2100
T      1300 - 2200
F      1600 - 2100
Sa    1000 - 1800
Su    1400 - 1700