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Brilliant and high-end simulator!
Was good fun and is a perfect option for everyone. Whether it is to check the fit of the gun, optimize your posture, training or simply for a day out... Can highly recommend it!
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TGS Shooting simulator

The ST-2 system, from Marksman Training Systems, is a shooting simulator specifically designed for professional coaching. The most important feature is the feedback you get: the indication of hit position and the replay of the gun movement in relation to the target. The feedback helps to analyze and improve your technique. Anyone, both new and experienced in shotgun or rifle shooting, can use the ST-2 simulator to improve his or her shooting skills and enjoy the sport. The ST-2 is used at shooting schools, by national clay shooting teams, gun clubs etc., but also in leisure centers, sports bars and even cruising ships.

The simulator can be used with most shotguns and rifles. The camera sensor (no laser light is used) that registers gun movements and shooting direction is attached to the barrel of the shooters own gun. The shooting direction is calibrated by a single shot at a calibration target.

The shooting scenarios include moving and fixed targets. Starting position, direction and speed of moving targets are parameters that can be altered by the user facilitating a wide variety of scenarios and levels of difficulty.

Hit position and shot effect is evaluated according to all contributing factors: ammunition load and weight, range, target type and size, trajectory, speed.


What to expect



In-depth analysis on every shot fired.



This is the view you get after shooting a duck in the ST-2 Shooting Simulator.