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Specialising in over and under's, we stock a range of new and second hand guns from around the world. We have something for everyone, from modern Italian automatics to beautiful British side-by-sides.

Our knowledgeable staff are always willing to help you select the gun that best suits and fits you and your budget.

Why not call for a custom fitting and consultation with our shotgun specialist or just pop in anytime. 

We regularly stock the following brands:


Shotguns are The Gun Shop's main product line. They are our true passion, and the reason we open the doors every morning. We aim to ensure that every customer that walks through our doors to purchase a shotgun, whether it's their first or their fiftieth, walks out with the best shotgun for them and their budget


Benelli 828u

As part of our continuing mission as a shop to make shooting sports in the UK more accessible, we are always happy to help you every step of the way from completing your shotgun certificate, choosing a shooting coach to help get you started, or providing you with a gun safe.

When your certificate is through please call in and book a time so that our team can give you dedicated time to assist in getting your first shotgun.  

We are continually creating new content to help you in choosing a new gun and to help you look after and use the one you have, in the form of YouTube videos. Below are a few that we think will help you: