Our experienced gunsmith has worked on every type of shotgun, air gun and rifle. Whether you need to have your gun fitted perfectly to you, or would like some maintenance on an old favourite, pop your gun in to the shop for a quote.

                    The beautifully organised chaos of our gunsmith's bench!

Below are just a few of the services we offer:

Air rifle tuning - When your air rifle reaches it's first birthday, we suggest bringing it in for a tune and service to get the best performance possible from your gun

Pre season / Annual shotgun service - Bring your gun in for a service to make sure it runs smooth for the season and last for a lifetime.

Gun fitting - Been having problems with consistent accuracy? Or is your shoulder causing you trouble after a days shooting?  A poorly fitted gun is likely to be the problem. Bring your gun in, and our gunsmith can fit it to you perfectly, whether it needs casting, shortening, or lengthening.

General repair - Air leaking from your PCP? Shotgun not firing on the second shot? If something weird seems to be happening to your once perfect gun, we can help!

Upgrade and customisation - Whether you want to shorten the barrel, add a silencer, add chequering, reblue, smoothen and lighten the trigger, or any number of other things to make your gun stand out from the crowd, ring us now or pop in for a quote.

Have a look below at our gunsmith's current projects gallery: